How to Grow Your Business

World Best Leadership Business Simulation-based training program selected by Top World 500 Corporation According to McKinsey’s study, there are 3 ways the companies grow its business: increase effective competition (increase market share, geography expansion…), increase portfolio (make new products, new business ideas…) and/or thru merger and acquision. The […]

Leadership Development Program 2016

Successful leaders know their value lies not only in managing teams and running organizations, but in inspiring others, setting purposeful goals, executing strategic visions, and creating cultures of excellence. Our Leadership programs are designed to challenge your current perceptions about leadership and the values that shape it, encouraging […]

Retail Leadership Simulation Course

Recent shopper, consumer and industry evolutions are putting extreme demands on you as a retail manager. You are constantly asked to get more out of your teams and future success in retail calls for a customer-centric approach that breaks through the boundaries of business functions. The Retail Leadership […]

Shopper Marketing course

The focus of this 2-day seminar is to provide a foundation and framework for developing a strong shopper marketing discipline and shopper insights program to support it. Program Objectives – Best practices for the development of a shopper marketing framework – How alternate perspectives (manufacturer vs. retailer, brand […]

Iron Lady

THE IRON LADY FILM IS THE EXCELLENT CHOICE FOR ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO LEARN ABOUT: Women’s Power Women Leadership I have developed this program for teaching those above mentioned lessons. The programe is broadcasted by HTV4 (Hochiminh City Channel 4) since 2012.  Enjoy watching. 1. Part 1: 2. Part 2: […]


Hi! if you are interested in the Balanced Scorecard you can look into the BSC Hub Menu. There are tons of presentations, articles and magazines that you can explore.

Learning from the “Yes” film

Carl Allen is at a standstill. No future… Until the day he enrolls into a personal development program based on a very simple idea: say yes to everything! Carl discovers with amazement the magical power of “Yes”, and sees his professional and romantic life turned upside down overnight: […]

Marketing Plan Templates

There are a few templates that you can use for your Marketing and Marketing Strategy templates: Marketing Strategy Template Ke hoach Marketing – Template Sonic Marketing Plan Marketing strategy and planning Guide Marketing Plan Template Ultimate Marketing Plan Marketing plan for The Eden Garden Tools

Advanced Marketing Management Course – PPT

This is the powerpoint presentation of the Marketing Management Book 14e for the Marketing Management Course: Kotler_MM_14e_22_sppt Kotler_MM_14e_21_sppt Kotler_MM_14e_20_sppt Kotler_MM_14e_19_sppt Kotler_MM_14e_18_sppt Kotler_MM_14e_17_sppt Kotler_MM_14e_16_sppt Kotler_MM_14e_15_sppt Kotler_MM_14e_14_sppt Kotler_MM_14e_13_sppt Kotler_MM_14e_12_sppt Kotler_MM_14e_11_sppt Kotler_MM_14e_10_sppt Kotler_MM_14e_09_sppt Kotler_MM_14e_08_sppt Kotler_MM_14e_07_sppt Kotler_MM_14e_06_sppt Kotler_MM_14e_05_sppt Kotler_MM_14e_04_sppt Kotler_MM_14e_03_sppt Kotler_MM_14e_02_sppt Kotler_MM_14e_01_sppt